About Us

If you live in Georgia and you love going to the beauty and nail salon, then treat yourself to an appointment at Wisteria Nail Spa in GA after a long day at work or on a lazy afternoon. We are famed in Georgia for offering customer-oriented and best quality beauty salon services at extremely affordable rates.

Wisteria Nail Spa offers beauty salon services, beauty skin care, makeup salon, nail spa, day spa, beauty consultants, massage therapy, eyelashes salo, eyelashes extensions and much more. Our highly experienced beauty and nail technicians can transform your nails from ordinary to extraordinary using our professional techniques and stylish touches. Whether you want a casual manicure or you’re in the mood to turn your beautiful nails into little works of lovely art, our attention to the detail will ensure that the tip of every finger looks completely flawless. Whether you are looking for a full day of pampering or have just a little break to spare, find the perfect beauty and nail treatment at your nearest Wisteria Nail Spa.

Here at Wisteria Nail Spa, you’ll get the peace of mind that comes from knowing our skilled staff is always ready to offer you the best. As an environmentally friendly our nail salon in GA, we’re proud to offer non chemical, organic products to our clients from Georgia and the surrounding areas. If having gorgeous nails is important to you, the Wisteria Nail Spa is the place to keep in mind. Located in GA we offer a variety of classic and trendy options that will help you feel confident about yourself.